My Goal


What is my Goal with the Rezerektion Wikiverse?

The Goal of the Rezerektion Wikiverse is to unite many features that are mostly split up and spread across many Websites, which makes it sometimes a pain in the A** to search for something from a Game. It should be a place where you can go to and find everything in many Media Formats. From Text, to Videos, Images, Maps and more!

Why am I creating another Website for Wikis?

I created this Wikiverse mainly to offer a more unique and intriguing Space for Wikis. I don't like the generic Fandom Wikis and their limitations. Here it is not just a Wiki it's a big place, where near everything is combined. A Wiki, a Map, a Company List and so much more! Hence the Name: Wikiverse

What makes my Wikiverse better than other similar Websites?

At first it is very different from Wikipedia's like Fandom or Fextralive, because it is not Fan-driven. I am the only Contributor (this maybe changes someday), so it's on a much smaller Scale (4 Wikis (more will come with Time) against thousands). The first Advantage is, that every Wiki is uniquely designed by Hand to fit the Theme of the Game. The second one is the Universe around each Wiki. There is a whole Place to explore and also some Easter Eggs (Soon™)!

About Me


Who am I?

Hi I'm Ceberus (Short: Ceb | Full: Ceberus132), 20 years old and a passionate Gamer & Programmer!

I am fascinated by Games since I was a litte Boy, playing the first Games like Anno 1701, ArcaniA: Gothic 4, Assassins Creed I etc. Back then I had the dream to make Games myself. Well I don't make Games, but I am working in Application & Web Development.

My Hobbies are: Playing Video Games (duh), chilling with friends, programming (Web) Applications, Bots, Smart Home Devices etc. I also love Climbing and Karting

More about me?

If you want to know more about me, like my CV, my Accomplishments & Certificates and more follow this link: About Me

Join my Journey


Why should I join?

You should join me, if you want to stay informed, follow the development process, have fun, meet new People, make new Friends and chill. If you are searching for a very active, warm, welcoming and growing Community, that respects and helps everyone, here are you right!

What are you waiting for? Join us!

What are the Benefits?

- Active Community, that helps everyone
- Professional Leadership, that listens to the Community
- Everyone has a Voice and can improve the Wikiverse
- You can climb the Ranks, earn Respect and build Trust within the Wikiverse for Rewards and Positions
- Guides, Tips, Tricks and general Information’s to help you
- Always up to date with the Games
- A work-friendly and funny environment
- A Home to come after Work
- A memorable Time
- Many Stories to tell and hear
- A well-structured Discord with a lot of features
- And much More!

Where can I join?

You can join me / my Community on: